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    [RC] upgrading trailer....Dually - Sullivan

    Hi Hillorie,
    When I bought my Dodge 3 years ago, I didn't know if I was going to go with a big camper and stock trailer, or really long LQ trailer.....I ended up with the camper and bumper pull and am really glad, since I use the camper for things other than horse related, but anyway, was REALLY glad I upgraded to the one ton dually!  The rig is SO stable, I never worry about losing control or winds.  I bought the Dodge with manual 5 sp. and 4W drive, dually.  I have been very, very happy with the truck, and only problem at all with the whole set up was getting a beefier rig and weight-distributing hitch.  I can haul 5 horses, with all the accompanying tack, 70 gal water tank and hay for a week.