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    Re: [RC] [RC] Helmets - ALISON MUELLER

    I've had two luck breaks (no pun intended). One time with a helmet and one without. The one with a helmet was on a green 3yr old. I did a lot of ground work with her, and had ridden her for a good month. We were doing a figure 8 like we had done many times and something spooked her (one of those no-see-ums). She took off bucking like a rodeo horse. And yes off I went. I landed on my head on a rock. With the helmet I was still a little dizzy for a few minutes. You should see the gauge in my helmet (I kept it to remind me never to forget).

    The other time I didn't have my helmet on....yet.... This was a green 3yr gelding I was working. He was tied up and I was brushing him before saddling him (never did get on him). Again something we had done MANY times. Well I saddled him up, and nothing seem out of order, but when I went to his head something spooked him and he freaked. Again, I didn't do anything that I haven't done 100 of times before. I still do not know what hit me....his head....his foreleg....his front hoof, the halter buckle..... All I knew was I was on the ground scrambling away. I leaned against the wall when I was away from him. I remember thinking that hurt! Then I felt the blood running down my face. I remember going to my truck looking in my mirror and seeing the gash above my left eyebrow. I don't remember going back to Ranger, but (I was alone at the barn at this time....it was where I was boarding in Carrollton, TX)....but I did unsaddle Ranger, put up all the tack/brushes, etc. Turned Ranger back out to the pasture. Went back to my truck and drove home. (Scary thought......luckily I lived a couple of blocks away....but lots of kids in that neighborhood....). I even got out of my truck at the barn gate and re-closed & latched it (only reason I know this is the barn owner arrived not too long after I left and everything was locked up....although he couldn't figure out where all the blood in the barn came from with no horse hurt....). I do remember parking in my driveway and walking around my truck. Someone screamed.....(found out my neighbor across the street was just getting home and by then I was covered in blood.....you know how head wounds bleed). I remember my arms braced in front of me on the dashboard asking my husband (now ex) if he wanted me to drive to the hospital.....as I was yelling he was going to get me killed. 10 stitches later and a light concussion I was fine. Really, I'm just fine....I mean it...no problems. LOL

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