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    [RC] more heartbreak - amber applegate

    Here is another testimony as to what I saw yesterday at Daryl Nichols ranch
    > Hi Amber,
    > >From the description, it sounds like you went to the 
    > place Cruiser was conceived, in Eugene.  When I went 
    > there as a teenager, it wasn't all that bad, the first 
    > time.  The horses seemed well taken care of, but 
    > could've been a little better.  The second time I went 
    > (because Ambra's first foal died of Equine E. Coli and 
    > had her re-bred) there were a couple of yearling 
    > fillies with huge holes in their bodies and couldn't 
    > stand up at all without being placed in a sling.  He 
    > said it was from a selenium deficiency and was trying 
    > to nurse them back to health.  Well, I doubt that now.  
    > I personally would've put them down.  There's gotta be 
    > something to do about that.  I'll do some research and 
    > let you know what I can come up with.  I remember 
    > seeing BG and he was just beautiful.  What an awful 
    > thing to do to such beautiful creatures.  
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