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    Re: [RC] How much is a good crew worth? - Jim Holland

    John Teeter is right on.  Crews are invaluable. In 2000, Sunny and I won
    a SE Regional Award.  The rides included a completion at the two of the
    toughest rides in the East, the Old Dominion 50 and the Leatherwood
    Extreme Challenge (Top Ten).  Couldn't have done as well at either ride
    without them...nor would I have won an award without them. 
    I have the best crew EVER. Gabe Buckler and Joan Tipton (and sometimes
    Gabe's friend Becky Ricks) have traveled many miles and patiently
    suffered thru cold, rain, heat, and gloom of early morning to crew for
    me.  At some rides, they crewed for me and Flinn Anderson. At some rides
    they crewed for me, Flinn, and everybody anywhere close to them.  At
    Longstreet's Charge last week, Joan  crewed for Ann Cofield's horse
    Timex and Ann's daughter in the "gaps" while crewing for me and Flinn. 
    Timex was in the 25 mile Top Ten. (10th place) Ain't no way she would
    have been there without Joan.
    These folks love to crew...and would do it for nothing...just as I did
    for quite a few years.  They are Sunny's biggest fans. They just love
    that little guy. They crawl all over him at every vet check, hold the
    feed tub if necessary to get him to eat, check EVERYTHING 10 times, and
    make sure that I eat and drink. They are so proud when he does
    well....as I am of them. I gave them all baseball caps with "Sun of
    Dimanche" across the front which they proudly wear.
    I insist that they cannot buy a meal...that's on me.  (IMHO, it's bad
    luck if you don't buy dinner for your crew) If they drive, I will buy
    gas if they will let me. I provide beer, etc...whatever they drink. I
    would gladly pay...but I have difficulty getting them to accept
    I am blessed with a great crew. I owe these folks more than I can every
    repay.  They make an average little horse with a lot of heart and an old
    guy look really good. Thank you for putting up with me.
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    Ridecamp Guest wrote:
    > So, I ask, how much is a good crew worth?
    > Any opinions, or comments would really help me out, Thanks!
    > Miranda
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