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    [RC] How much is a good crew worth? - Ridecamp Guest

    Miranda enduracrew@xxxxxxxxxxx
    Since my return from XP 2001 I have been asked to crew for various other rides. Some riders actually pay me, and some give me tips. 
    Here is my question, If a rider needs a crew what is a reasonable price for a crew person. Of course there are exceptions, and technicalities, like different mileage rides, multi-days, or moving of rigs. 
    People lately have been asking me how much I charge, and since I usually feel uncomfortable taking money from riders for doing something that I currently enjoy. But things do become expensive, driving out to various rides, and food, things like that.
    So, I ask, how much is a good crew worth?
    Any opinions, or comments would really help me out, Thanks!
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