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? on Crupper adjustment

I'm wondering how loose is proper for a crupper.  I'm starting to use one of my mare and don't want to do it wrong.  This a.m. was the first time I tried it and it does not bother her at all at any adjustment.  How loose is recommended so it will still be effective but not make her sore?

Also, on zero tolerance on drugs, I gotta say I'm on MSM myself and if I didn't take drugs I would not be able to ride at all.  If I asked my mare how she would feel about it I'm sure she'd rather experience a little discomfort and go see the sights than stay at home doing nothing.  She has no problems and is on no drugs - it's just her rider, but then I'm a senior citizen and need all the help I can get. :>)   I am considering having the vet give her a shot of Legend just as a preventative.  Is that a problem?

Kathleen & Sabrina

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