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Re: RC: Question on S hackamore

At 12:14 PM 1/12/2002 -0500, wrote:
One of the reasons the wire (which is nesserary) may be getting to close to the curb chain is that the curb chain is not tight enough.  For testing this, let it hang freely on your horse then put your three fingers (flat against the horses jaw) in there to see if it is slighly snug.  The wire keeps the side from flipping over up side down while pulling back.

Yes, you are right.  My farrier came out this morning and I showed it to him.  He said to tighten the curb up.  The original chain curb that came with the hack could not be adjusted, so I bought a nylon/chain curb and was able to adjust it properly.  Then I vet wrapped that wire and rode this morning.  Horse seemed comfortable and I was a lot happier with it.  Thanks all for your help.


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