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multiday LD's on 4 yr old

I would not do multiday rides on a 4 yr old.   It is too much for a horse
that is still growing and too much stress on the joints, tendons, etc.  But
this is my own personal opinion and I tend to be cautious with my young
horses.  After all, I want them to last me many years.  However, one could
do one day, rest the horse a day or two, and then do another day.  I would
not do speed either if I were to ride LD.  I would pretend I was on a 7 or 6
mph comp ride and do it that way.  I watched a couple folks try to do
multiday 25s, one horse came up lame, and the other was extremely tired
after 3 or 4 days of 25s.  It takes 2 -3 years to build the distance horse
whether one rides endurance or comp.  Don't be in a hurry!  Jeanie

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