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Re: RC: Multidays & 4 year olds

At 08:09 AM 1/12/02 -0800, you wrote:
<What does everybody think about 4 year old horses doing a LD ride for 5 >
<days in a row?  (some are 25, 30, or 35 miles long)>

It depends on the horse AND they should go slow.  I think if the horse is ridden correctly for their level of fitness and development, then it should not be a problem. I know of one horse in particular who was ridden regularly, but slow, as a four year old, started  slow 50's at 5 and is doing GREAT years later. Right?, Becky and Heather???  ;-)

Yes, it does depend on a lot of things. Your example isn't very good though, since Red didn't do any multiday LD rides as a 4 year old.  (in fact, neither of those riders have even one LD ride listed on their online records)

I only brought it up because I was curious as to whether or not the AERC BOD (or the sanctioning directors) had given any thought or discussion to the issue before they started sanctioning limited distance rides for multiple days.  I am sure that when the 5 year old rule was established for horses to do endurance rides, that the concept of doing 150 miles of LD rides in one week on a 4 year old had not even been thought up. 

I realize that most people wouldn't take a 4 year old on a 5 day LD ride, but they could, and they have no restrictions placed on them at all; they don't have to ride sensibly and carefully and in the horses best long-term interest.  I know, lots of people don't always do everything right with older horses either.  I just can't help but think back to what babies my horses were when they were 4 and 5.


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