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Re: RC: Re: Multidays & 4 year olds

In a message dated 1/12/2002 8:38:22 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Now when anyone wants to ride with me I tell them, you won't like the pace,  I ride steady but REALLY SLOW.    AND I MEAN IT.
Becky and the gang.

    You might want to think about going "too slow."  Try carrying a heavy book up in the air and walk around, then try and hold up the same book and stand still.  Having certain amount of weight on their backs for a long period of time is hard on horses weather there moving or not.  There is such a thing as going, or being out there too long.  They also don't have the rest time that is needed to replenish for the next days ride.  So each day your horse is getting less and less rest time.  Just food for thought....

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