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Re: Taking a dog on training rides

I always take our dogs on training rides, but our trails are accessible
right out of our back door.  I once ponied one of our dogs through a ranch
where I knew he would chase the other property owner's' cattle.  If your
horse is clever at ponying other horses, and you're careful of your dog, it
can be done.  You might train your dog to certain commands such as "back
off" and "walk on".  You can also shake the lead on the dog and get him to
back off that way, just as you might do with a horse.  I can't think why a
retractable leash is necessary....a halter rope would do, or a regular

Barbara McCrary

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From: "Lysane Cree" <>
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Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2002 9:25 AM
Subject: RC: Taking a dog on training rides

> I was just wondering if anyone brings a dog along with
> them on their training rides? The reason I am asking
> is because I do have to go on a few roads to get to
> some of the trails and although the roads are
> relatively quiet, I don't feel comfortable leaving my
> dog loose. So what I was thinking of holding the dog
> on a retractable leash with enough room to avoid being
> trampled, but not long enough to get me in a tangle.
> Think this is crazy or doable? Ponying a horse works,
> but I am wondering if this would work with a dog since
> they are much lower down.
> E-mail me privately if this is not related enough to
> endurance.
> Thanks,
> Lysane
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