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Zero tolerance and Legend

Kathleen wrote:

> Also, on zero tolerance on drugs, I gotta say I'm on MSM myself and if I 
didn't take drugs I would not > be able to ride at all.  If I asked my mare 
how she would feel about it I'm sure she'd rather experience > a little 
discomfort and go see the sights than stay at home doing nothing.  She has no 
problems and is > on no drugs - it's just her rider, but then I'm a senior 
citizen and need all the help I can get. :>)   I am > considering having the 
vet give her a shot of Legend just as a preventative.  Is that a problem?

No.  Having your vet give a Legend injection to your horse is not
against the AERC zero drug rule.  Keep in mind Legend IA... in the
joint Legend injection... is invasive to the joint capsule.  If your vet
is considering this, think about the alternative before deciding.
The Legend IV injection series isn't so invasive to the joint and it
works really well.  Preventative CS and GAGS therapy is allowed
within the rules along with worming and vitamins, etc.  YOU are
allowed to take MSM.  :)  Don't ask Maryben what she takes for
herself on the trail...  

I agree that it's good therapy for the older and even slightly
arthritic horses to be out on the trail.  Definately.  There is
a balance somewhere though that is between light pleasure
riding and full blown endurance competition that is right for
the horse and its up to the rider to know what's best.

:) - Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM
... It's a beautiful day.  Off to hit the trails...

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