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RE: Question on S hackamore

Yes the wire does have value so don't cut it off, but you may replace it
with a piece of bailing twine or other strong "string" like material.  Just
replace that when it gets worn though.   i.e. the chain... after you have
measured & fit the chain on the S-Bit to your horse, cut off all the excess
except for one or two links.  The extra just dangles & makes noise on our
small nose Arabs.
One more thing.... always be careful when bridling... I've seen the wire
between the lips of the horse a time or two when someone got in a hurry.
Talk about uncomfortable!!!
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Subject: RC: Question on S hackamore

The small wire that attaches the shanks together sometimes gets tangled up
with the curb chain since they are so close together.  It also seems very
close to the horse and I'm afraid it might hurt him.  I'm wondering whether
that small wire is absolutely necessary.  Any comments on this?  I'm scared
to cut it off and then discovered it had a vital use.


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