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Re: Re: Good places to live

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From: Truman Prevatt
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 9:38 PM
To: Linda Flemmer
Subject: RC: Re: Good places to live

Do I hear the spirit of John Denver in the back ground singing "Almost Heaven, West Virigina, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.........." You forgot the great hiking along ridgelines that go forever. You forgot the two great rivers the Shenadoah and the Potomac are born in WVA. You forgot Senica Rock, the Dolly Sods, the Canadian tundra moved south, you forgot the Cranberry backcountry - a unique ecology in the US. You
forgot, you forgot.........

I love WVA, every mile I hiked in it, every foot of rock I climbed, every stream I fished.

John Denver was wrong, he should have removed the "almost" from his song......


(Who would not entice anyone to want to move the the land of alligators, hot sticky weather. Never mind the beautiful sand hills where you can ride forever. Never mind the huge horse communities. Never mind the number of endurance rides and CTR's. Come on down an enjoy them, but make sure you head on back up Nawth to live:-). )


As much as I adore Florida, I have to agree with Truman.  Blue Ridge Mountains, in Virginia, is where I want to die.  Ride nine months there a year, and then come to Florida, the only place to be the other three (Dec, Jan, & Feb).  I mean, a guy's gotta ride, or be able to, 365 days a year.  It can be done.

There are places in those Virginia mountains, where you never see the light of day.  Something is always blocking out the sun.  And the ride, on the back of a horse, is a challenge.  Talk about some slippery rocks!

There's another really beautiful spot in NC, called Leatherwood. I think the mountain there feeds into the Blue Ridge, slithering north towards Virginia.  My wife, the kid and me are gonna shell out the big bucks and spend a week there, up in a cabin in the mountains, with 3 of our horses stalled in the immaculate barn below, with not a care in the world except knowing that the Jacuzzi is now warm enough to get into.  Centered around an endurance event not to be missed.  I think this ride is the biggest challenge on the East Coast, if not the country.  And, the best thing is, you don't have to camp out.  YEAAAAAAAAA.  No tent to pack that week! No need to worry about the weather. I'm excited already and it's still 3 months away. 


Howard  (I gotta get packing for Jennings; so much stuff, so little time)

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