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Re: Good places to live

How about some "back East" places?

We live in West (by God) Virginia near the border of
western PA, Western MD and North Central WV - just
South of Pittsburgh, PA.  Rolling mountains with good
footing and great climbs to condition a horse on. 
Land is CHEAP (try 16 acres and a 2500 sf home for
under $150,000 just 45 minutes from major city, 20
minutes from town of 50,000.  And that was PRICEY) 
Hay is $1.25 per 40 lb bale of timothy/orchard or

Taxes are so low as to be laughable.  Neighborliness &
hospitality are a way of life for the folks here,
unless you are riff raff causing trouble.  Then you
get to meet the pick up trucks, dogs & shot guns.  :-)

Neighbors have gone out of their way to be sure we
have places to ride undisturbed on their private land.
 In fact, they bring treats out for the horses & offer
to fix us lunch if we can say when we'll be back on
the ride home.

We have skiing, international caliber white water
rafting & kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, etc.  

Our state is NOT primarily owned by the US Government.

AND we TOO have just one area code for the entire

On second thought, don't move here.  You'd hate it. 

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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