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Re: Places to Live

"And there's still only one area code in the state!  That's enough to
recommend it, right there.

You do have broadband, uh, don't you? <g>

At 11:34 PM -0700 1/8/02, wrote:
>Idaho! Incredible landscape, every type of terrain and climate you can
>imagine (except ocean coastline...)- from misty cedar/hemlock forests to
>rocky alpine peaks, deep river canyons and gorges to sagebrush desert,lots
>of personal freedom, low population pressure. Lots of rides. Maybe we ain't
>got much in the way of social skills... but we've got the Great Outdoors!
>Steph "

Yea but our neighbors do have two time zones to contend with :-)
                   Drin Becker
                   Mtn. Region

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