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Re: RE: Good places to live

> >Idaho!  <snip>  Maybe we ain't
> >got much in the way of social skills...

I dunno.  It's sure good to be back in a place where, if you break down by
the highway, the first person by will stop and help.  (Of course, it may be
an hour before the first person goes by....)  And where an impromptu
neighborhood Christmas carolling party sang for EVERY house in the
neighborhood (in Tendoy, that's about 12 places...  <g>) and got homemade
cookies at EVERY stop....  And where if somebody is sick or injured, the
neighbors make sure his critters are fed and his hay gets put up....  First
thing that happened when we finally moved onto our place this spring was
that our neighbor stopped by, who had leased the place last year, and spent
half a day showing my husband the ins and outs of our irrigation.
Personally, in coming home to Idaho, I thought I'd moved BACK to where
social skills, at least the type that really count, are the norm rather than
the exception.  :-)

Heidi (proud to once again be an Idahoan)

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