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RE: Weaving

> My preference is and has always been pasture and the bigger the better.  I
have a 31 year old mule and a 28 year old arab that do just fine out in the
elements 24/7.  There are trees in the pasture to get under and they do just
fine.  Pasture horses have longer coats, are usually covered in mud but are
basically happier and HEALTHIER than their barn stalled cousins.

But Maryben, you don't have any 'elements' where you live!! <LOL>  Except,
perhaps, for an occasional tremor.

> Horses are herd animals and will get scrapes and bruises and various other
things but they are much happier in that kind of situation.  I have never
seen a pasture horse weave...

My gelding weaves when he's finished his twice-daily beetpulp w/supplements
in his stall and he's ready to go back out again.  Saw him weave once in the
field -- when the ancient shetland pony he loved was in sight in the next
field and she wouldn't pay any attention to him.


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