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Re: RC: pairing up

He's not too small if you don't feel awkward on him.  I'm 5'9" and 150 + or 
-- (usually +) and rode my 14.2H mare for 9 years, including a couple hundred 
miles of LD.  Her daughter that I'm riding now is 15.1 1/2H and we fit 
better.  My problem, which I didn't realize was a problem, is that my older 
mare didn't put a lot of horse in front of me, and I ended up leaning forward 
too much.  but I love her and she gave me many great miles, and  now is being 
a mom-to-be.  

One caution on your new horse is that his personality may change after he 
gets some groceries and starts putting on weight.  He may be very docile now 
because he doesn't have the energy to put up a fuss about stuff.  Lots of old 
cowboys used to starve a horse before they started riding it because it took 
most of the fight out of them, and they didn't starve them down to skin and 
bones, just a little ribby, maybe a little hip sticking out.  Good luck with 
your guy.   jeri

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