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Re: appy bashing

Title: Re: appy bashing
I don't know why you all do this.  There are horses that can excell at
endurance that aren't Arabs or 1/2 Arabs.  There are Morgans, Mustangs,
Standardbreds, Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds and even Quarter Horses & Paints
that do well.  There are smart Arabs and stupid Arabs.  Just because someone
has found a horse that they like, and does well in this sport, or someone
who really doesn't want an Arab (for whatever reason, even what you think
are dumb reasons), most of you seem to jump all over that person for not
being able to "see the light" and falling all over themselves to get an

Who's bashing who?  I have appys *and* arabs (OK, I have one of each right now, but I have owned multiples in the past).

I just think they're totally unlike 'normal' horses.  And if you don't believe me, go looking at roping or reining or dressage horses with a roping or reining or dressage person.

Every event has different needs and requirements.

I think that to excel in CTR or Endurance, your horse has to have some real muscle, both in the body and in the mind.  How many times have you heard about someone's winning Endurance horse being the horse that nobody could ride or who was considered un-trainable?

Arabs and Appys were originally bred as endurance horses.  They had to be tough to survive.  They are both noted for bonding with their riders.  A definite survival trait.  So's being spooky.

I have a very un-quarterhorse like quarterhorse that I'm trying out as a possible endurance horse.  If you had seen this horse standing in the field surrounded by foundation quarterhorses, you would have said 'what's wrong with that sorrel horse?'  He just didn't look or act like any of the other quarterhorses this lady had (she thinks he may have arab or Appendix blood- she picked him up at an auction when she felt sorry for him).

The Morgans, Standardbreds, Show Appaloosas (quarterhorses with spots), Thoroughbreds and Paints that do well tend to be the exceptions rather than the rules.  Each of these breeds had a definite job description and a size/build ideal that was bred for.

The Mustang was the best of the best of the culls that survived (the original Spanish mustang strain is pretty well diluted with horses that were abandoned in the 30's) and is mother nature's endurance horse made up of whatever gene happened to be handy.

Just look at the ride records to see  what's winning.  Far and away Arabs, then Mustangs and Apps,  and the occasional 'other' breed.

I'm more than willing to look at other breeds for endurance prospects, but I'm also playing the odds by looking more closely in the breeds that are known for the traits I'm looking for.

I'm disheartened by the direction that the Appy breeders seem to be taking though, as I tend to lean towards what they refer to as a 'foundation' app; rat tail, short mane, short back, lean and wiry.

And don't get me started on those show Arabs that get all upset if they get wet or get sweaty or are so wiggy you can't even get a saddle on them. . .

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