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Appy Bashing

I don't know why you all do this.  There are horses that can excell at 
endurance that aren't Arabs or 1/2 Arabs.  There are Morgans, Mustangs, 
Standardbreds, Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds and even Quarter Horses & Paints 
that do well.  There are smart Arabs and stupid Arabs.  Just because someone 
has found a horse that they like, and does well in this sport, or someone 
who really doesn't want an Arab (for whatever reason, even what you think 
are dumb reasons), most of you seem to jump all over that person for not 
being able to "see the light" and falling all over themselves to get an 

We are all individuals who have a common interest in a sport.  I am one of 
those people who didn't want an Arab.  I'm not going to justify why I didn't 
want one, but I wanted a Standardbred and that's what I have.  It's still 
too early to see if he will be good at this sport.  You know, it's still to 
early to see if I'll be any good at this sport.  But I'm a 42 year old 
mother of 3, new to this sport.  Will I ever be at the top of this sport?  I 
don't think so, I do it for fun.  So why wouldn't I want a partner that I 
can have fun with? And if I have fun with a horse that isn't Arab, or is an 
Arab, or is an Appaloosa, or Morgan or whatever, why do some of you seem to 
take my horse decision so personally.

I have a group of friends that I ride and train with.  One owns an 
Appaloosa, one has a Morgan, one has an Arab Pinto, and I have a 
Standardbred, and we all have fun.  Isn't that what this is all about?

Carolyn Burgess

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