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Getting to know you

 Thanks for the posts about it taking a while for an Arab to come around.
I love my girl but she has been real stand offish. While riding she has
emerged more and more as an Arab ( she is 3/4 the other 1/4 being NSH).
She is more spooky, although she still will stop on a dime if I am coming
off! ( I gotta love THAT about her anyway!LOL) She actually spooked at a
deer while doing a fast trot! The brakes went on and up on her neck I
went. When she felt me come up, she bounced forward just enough to throw
me back. Then she stopped again! WHATTA GAL!
 She is better now while I am on the ground. She doesn't seem as shy
about letting me know she doesn't like something. Also, while she will
not let anyone else pound on her feet she will let me do it all day long.
She is giving me a hard time with the trailer etc. To me, I feel she is
getting comfortable with me. Now she is testing me to see how far she can
 I don't think she had that much attention where she used to live. It is
comforting to know that others went through an adjustment period with
their Arabs as well. Now her colt loves me to death! :0) We have really
bonded. I can't wait to start working with him and teaching him to drive.
He is very young now, way to young to be doing much except ground work at
this point, but he is a wonderful boy! (Can't wait to geld him either!
GOSH how do you guys stand it? All that testosterone, that nipping, that
"ain't I God's gift to all the girls" stuff! BLECH! <VBG>)
 Thanks again! :0) 
In His Hands,
Lisa P.
North Central Florida
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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