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Re: RE: Appys

I had to respond to the Appaloosa mean streak thread.  I grew up with
Appaloosas and have only ridden one other breed in distance riding (14 hand
Quarter Horse Mare!) Through all of the Appaloosa's I have known and ridden
only one had a tendency to have a mean streak...wasn't when you were riding
him either.  He did many distance miles and at age 27 is still a sight to
see...what legs! He let anyone ride him once he turned 7 or 8 and could even
be a little lazy but he still had the stamina and heart to do this sport.  I
have a foundation bred Appaloosa who loves the competition and doesn't have
a mean bone in his body, he earned his Bronze Medallion this year. I also
have his full brother at home who is only two and half and begs us to put
the saddle on and pouts when left behind. I have just bought a 1/2
Appaloosa/Arab that can be a little air-headed at times but I am sure we
will do great going down the trail.  She again has great legs and feet.  She
is a little less affectionate but we are becoming a team.  I believe that
the reason she isn't in my back pocket though is because she is a MARE not
because she has a mean streak.  I board my Appaloosas at an Arab farm and
have seen many good and bad horses come through not only Arabs and
Appaloosas but I have also seen nasty Palominos, Quarter Horses, and name it there is one in every breed.

Appy Trails everyone!

Sheryl and the gang!
Twister (Mom, it's cold can I have more hay!)
Thunder (You should ride me Mom, I am as fast as the wind!--I think)
Easy (That women is ok...wish we could get on a trail and boogie!)
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> I worked with one appy that would always lean my leg into the arena,
> roundpen or neares fence line every single time I rode. One time I had to
> get off her to open and shut a gate. After I led her through and got the
> gate shut I was moving around to get back on her and she literally walked
> right over top of me. She walked forward and caused me to fall down then
> stepped right in the middle of my chest and walked right on over and
> when her but was over my face. I rolled over and got up and she did not
> to kick me, but I was ready to kill her anyway.  Originally I thought
> may ge something wrong with one eye as she always ran into the fences on
> same side, but the vet said she was fine.
> We had another appy that had great ground manners, but was quick as a cat
> and liked to spin out from under people.  My mom and Grandpa used to raise
> POA's way back when the breed was formed and they told all kinds of
> about what those ponies but you never can tell if it was the pony part or
> the appy part.
> Anna
> Mules and Other Critters
> About Barefooted Horses
>  How about some others that either own, or have owned an Appy?  Any truth
> to the nasty streak?
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