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RE: stall walking

We have an arab who walks the stall whenever someone comes in the barn or at feeding time. He had hock problems from stall walking and it interfered with doing endurance so much to where he was over reaching every step he took and would constantly trip, now has to get injected every 6 months or so in the hocks. When our vet found out he did stall walking he said it was just like doing roll-backs for 24 hours. And one hock was full of fluid and the other was dry when he injected him. And ever since he got injected, he is a great horse and barely ever trips, and no more over reaching! So whenever he starts to walking in his stall we tie him up. We just whip on his halter and tie him to the wall using a trailer tie. Never thought about putting a milk jug with treats in it, although he is  sissy so it would probably scare him so much he would jump out of his little booties! Lol. Happy Trails,

Ashley Marury
Still Waters Farm

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