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Re: RC: Appys

 I am hearing that about some Arabs now. As was probably the problem with
Appys, to close line breeding or inbreeding is probably the cause for
this character flaw.
 Remember the Appaloosa herd that Chief Joseph had was almost totally
slaughtered by ignorant soldiers. Those men did not appreciate the
qualities and fine traits of the Appaloosa. So, when the time came to
breed those Appaloosas left, where did the breeders go? They either went
outside the breed, or bred with in the group they had.
 I am not breed bashing, just stating that which I had heard from Appy
owners.  I look at the pictures of those beautiful halter horses in
Arabian Horse World. I wonder if they are ridden on a regular basis, if
any EVER have a saddle put on them, or if any would ever be sane enough
to have a saddle put on them. There is good and bad in every breed. Also
remember what I heard of Appys is twenty year old stuff. I have been out
of the horse loops for a long time, only recently getting back into the
groove. :0) However, I have talked with a person who is riding an Appy.
She said what I stated, they have a nasty streak. Maybe, like my Aussies,
Appys are one person horses that for all others save that one person,
they can be problems. Not owning an appy I won't know till I get one.
 How about some others that either own, or have owned an Appy?  Any truth
to the nasty streak?

In His Hands,
Lisa P.
North Central Florida
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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