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Re: RC: Appys

In a message dated 1/7/02 1:30:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< The only reason I decided to go with an AY-RAB is the fact that Appys
 can be nasty. Something I have not really heard of with the Arab. >>

Wow, that's funny.  I hear exactly the opposite around here, and I own both 
Arabs and Appys.  All of my Appaloosas have been very sweet, except one.  I 
have had one Appy who just hated me.  Tried to hurt me every chance she got, 
but would fight and die for her new owner.  All of my Arabians have been very 
sweet, except one.  She would try to kill anyone who touched her behind the 
girth area, or who tried to ride her.  She'd actually hospitalized the last 
person to ride her before me by throwing and then intentionally attacking -- 
according to a bystander.  However, after I used some John Lyons techniques 
on her, I used her to practice my English riding lessons with no reins, and 
took her out on trail rides.  She turned into a very sweet, willing mare.  

On another list, we're having a discussion about how similar these two breeds 
are in that both will make you EARN the right to be their rider, and 
sometimes, they just decide that a certain person will never be "their" 


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