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Re: Appys

Anyone who thinks arabians are airheads are welcome to come to my arabian
farm any day any time and see first hand how smart , gentle and loving they
are. I have young children and my horses are handled daily by myself and my
children ( and even y non-horsey husband). I am very particular about safety
and can not afford any horse of any breed that are not safe much less are an
airhead. We even have a very small breeding program and our children handle
our foal ( we only breed one foal per year) on a daily basis too.My guy that
does our horses teeth can not get over that I can loosely hold the lead as
he floats their teeth and has even pulled wolf teeth like thisrequiring no
sedation. . The horses are calm and well behaved . If anything they all
crowd arround waiting their turn ( me next ? me next ?is what they seem to
be saying -grin). I have to tell you a breif story. My then 4 year old
purebred arabian gelding and I were in our first show in our second time
ever canter class ( first class was the class before this)  and the judge
called for a hand gallop. It was a small ring with 24 horses and some horses
thought it was a horse race including the horse cantering  about 5 feet from
me level with my shoulder. The horse bucked and kicked out at us. My young
horse quickly moved to the side to get us "outta there " to keep us safe. It
was so fast, his move to the side that I lost my balance and nearly fell
off. As soon as he felt me lose my balance he stopped dead. At this point I
had lost my reins and had to grab him arround the neck to keep myself from
falling. I pulled myself back up ( pushing on the crest of his neck) ,
gatherred my reins and continued on. I could tell you other amazing things
my horses have done, but I think I have made my point. There ARE
individuals in every breed who are not enjoyable to be arround , but I
surely hate to see anyone make assumptions about the entire breed based on
bad experiences with some these individual horses. We also all of course
have our preferences to what our individual favorite breeds. I am not trying
to start anything of a bashing type nature , but needed to respond to this
miss statement.----- Original Message -----
From: Lisa P. <>
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Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 7:36 PM
Subject: RC: Appys

> One of my reports for high school was on Idaho and Chief Joseph. The
> Indians almost got away BECAUSE of the Appy. Apparently someone doesn't
> know their history. The Appy almost became extinct because of their
> athletic ability and qualities. I had thought about the Appy when I
> thought about doing endurance simply because of their stamina,
> intelligence and ability.
>  The only reason I decided to go with an AY-RAB is the fact that Appys
> can be nasty. Something I have not really heard of with the Arab. Too
> many have been a little on the bad side. Not really mean, but hard to
> deal with. Of course there is the exception in every breed, but I am
> being real about what I have heard. :0) The ARAB can be how shall we put
> it, air headed? :0) So there are good and bad in each breed.
>  Personally, I would LOVE to get an appy for my husband to ride. I need a
> large strong intelligent horse for him to ride. Besides the Appys can be
> quite handsome! :0) I love the white in the eye! Well, just my $.02
> worth. :0)
> In His Hands,
> Lisa P.
> North Central Florida
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