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Re: RC: Appys

 One of my reports for high school was on Idaho and Chief Joseph. The
Indians almost got away BECAUSE of the Appy. Apparently someone doesn't
know their history. The Appy almost became extinct because of their
athletic ability and qualities. I had thought about the Appy when I
thought about doing endurance simply because of their stamina,
intelligence and ability.
 The only reason I decided to go with an AY-RAB is the fact that Appys
can be nasty. Something I have not really heard of with the Arab. Too
many have been a little on the bad side. Not really mean, but hard to
deal with. Of course there is the exception in every breed, but I am
being real about what I have heard. :0) The ARAB can be how shall we put
it, air headed? :0) So there are good and bad in each breed. 
 Personally, I would LOVE to get an appy for my husband to ride. I need a
large strong intelligent horse for him to ride. Besides the Appys can be
quite handsome! :0) I love the white in the eye! Well, just my $.02
worth. :0)

In His Hands,
Lisa P.
North Central Florida
Riding: the art of keeping a horse between yourself and the ground.

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