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RE: Appys

I worked with one appy that would always lean my leg into the arena,
roundpen or neares fence line every single time I rode. One time I had to
get off her to open and shut a gate. After I led her through and got the
gate shut I was moving around to get back on her and she literally walked
right over top of me. She walked forward and caused me to fall down then she
stepped right in the middle of my chest and walked right on over and stopped
when her but was over my face. I rolled over and got up and she did not try
to kick me, but I was ready to kill her anyway.  Originally I thought there
may ge something wrong with one eye as she always ran into the fences on the
same side, but the vet said she was fine.

We had another appy that had great ground manners, but was quick as a cat
and liked to spin out from under people.  My mom and Grandpa used to raise
POA's way back when the breed was formed and they told all kinds of stories
about what those ponies but you never can tell if it was the pony part or
the appy part.

Mules and Other Critters
About Barefooted Horses

 How about some others that either own, or have owned an Appy?  Any truth
to the nasty streak?

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