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Spring Challenge Endurance Ride

Karren Beason
There is a change for Spring Challenge Central Region March 30, 2002,  and
I seem to have missed the date or something to get it changed on the AERC
calendar.  Mileage is as follows:  30 & 60
There will not be a 100 this year due to a revolt of the volunteers.
Hopefully, next year, they will be willing to donate a little more time
the Saturday before Easter.  The ride also will have a new loop this year.
This new loop will include river bluff, river bottom, pine forest, and a
few more oak trees :) It is beautiful trail.  For those of you that have
not tried a ride in the southwest Missouri hills, you are missing a
really neat endurance ride.  All vet checks are in camp, and the trail
provides a wide variety of challenges.  Come try the Spring Challenge and
ride with us on March 30.

Karren Beason

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