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RC: Re:A-rabs and Apps

>>Arabs and Appaloosas choose their owners/riders.

They'll pick one person and while they'll let other people ride them, for that one person they'll do anything. With Arabs I've noticed it takes an average of six months before they'll give you their heart.<<

Don't know about Aps but with A-Rabs I agree that's Sooo true! I had come to that 6 month conclusion myself - even my 'best horse in the world, almost anyone can ride' full Arab took 6 months for us to read each others minds every time. Now the rescued mare took a year but she was a particularly difficult case... completely shut down emotionally. But once she came around she was the closest to me of the 3 I've had. Just love 'em - wonder how long it'd take with an "Ar-Ap"? (teehee)

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