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Arena work

<<Isn't it funny how some horses hate arena work? >>
YES!!! My gelding gets too anxious or bored and starts his "bucking bronco" routine!! He just does a big double kick with his head still up. I've tried lots of things to correct this but none have worked. He never bucks on trail unless a fast horse gets way ahead of him (he is still green) and then he lets out a big one to let me know he wants to RUN RUN RUN. But I don't let him. The bucks are always playful and keep my riding skills incheck. I KNOW that after two days in the ring I HAVE to go out on trails or I'm in trouble. Guess he will never be a show horse.
By the way I have tried: crop on rear, working hard in circles immediately after buck, stopping and backing, ignoring,---you name it. Any other corrections for buckers???
Karla Watson
Portland, Oregon

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