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Re: Re: Re: Re: Stallions in endurance riding

> Stallions aren't the problem--inattentive people are the problem.  If a
> stallion even gets so far as the talking described in the first post, the
> rider  has already been a failure in the attention department--before the
> stallion talked to the mare, there was a social situation set up for him
> do so, and the rider should have been aware of that and already been in
> mode of getting his attention back, even before the talking occurred.

Right....and as I had mentioned to Kristene, since I do NOT handle
Stallions, or understand the breeding business....I would prefer to steer
clear of them to be on the safe side!  The situation that almsot got me
killed was not the only bad experience I have had with  people not handling
Stallions correctly.  While I have no desire to see them banned from shows
or trail rides or endurance rides, I will most always make the choice NOT to
trust a stranger who claims they have their stallion under control.  While
we need to be attentive to our horses body-language, there are some mares I
have, that I can never tell are in heat. They just don't show.

Best thing is to give all strange horses a wide berth.

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