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Re: Arena work

Our docile, pokey 4-year old gelding suddenly began bucking this year.  He threw in a buck when squeezed into a training arena with too many horses (4-H).  He always headed for the center of the arena before bucking.  I read this to mean that he was anxious about the other horses invading his safety zone.  He also offered to buck with lighter weight (less experienced?) riders heading out on trail.  Again, I read this as anxiety.  Never bucked the menfolk (heavier? heavier handed?)  Hard to say.  But here is what cured him.  A pair of spurs.  We don't usually allow spurs on our horses, especially with the kids riding.  But hubby decided that anyone riding Chief started out with clip-on  spurs.  As soon as Chief put down his head and started the buck he got nailed in the belly.  Seems to have worked. 
Hope that helps.
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From: Karla Watson
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 6:52 AM
Subject: RC: Arena work

<<Isn't it funny how some horses hate arena work? >>
YES!!! My gelding gets too anxious or bored and starts his "bucking bronco" routine!! He just does a big double kick with his head still up. I've tried lots of things to correct this but none have worked. He never bucks on trail unless a fast horse gets way ahead of him (he is still green) and then he lets out a big one to let me know he wants to RUN RUN RUN. But I don't let him. The bucks are always playful and keep my riding skills incheck. I KNOW that after two days in the ring I HAVE to go out on trails or I'm in trouble. Guess he will never be a show horse.
By the way I have tried: crop on rear, working hard in circles immediately after buck, stopping and backing, ignoring,---you name it. Any other corrections for buckers???
Karla Watson
Portland, Oregon

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