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Appys..nasty streak???

Jan Mills Kennedy
I have owned apps for about 30 years thing I have found them to
be is HONEST and SMART..I get a lot of app jokes thrown at me..Yes!I have
heard them all!!!!Nasty???Very few....
but in my research of the few nasty ones I discovered something very
interesting..ALL were outcrossed up CLOSE..not in bred or line bred but
out crossed..I stick to the old foundation breeding..I DON"T want a halter
horse for endurance...I do like a bit of TB in my apps and sometimes a bit
of Arab...but way back in the pedigree although the one exception to this
is my beautiful 23 yr old mare who is double reg 1/2 arab and App..she is
a sweetie...and when I got her it did take me awhile to get her to 'like'
me..I truly believe she was mourning her former owner..Now she and I are
kindred spirits....My heart will always be with the Appaloosa...Mine are
tough, smart,willing and lovable but never a nasty streak in any of
them...but yes, I do own one Arab mare..old breeding...I love the old
breeding in all breeds....
appy Trails
Jan in Michigan

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