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Re: Appys..nasty streak???

> Jan Mills Kennedy
> I have owned apps for about 30 years thing I have found them to
> be is HONEST and SMART..I get a lot of app jokes thrown at me..Yes!I have
> heard them all!!!!Nasty???Very few....

Jan, I feel "credentialed" to write having owned several Appys.  One was a
horse I had in my 20's,and she was smart and pulled every trick in the book.
Once we came to an understanding, she became one of the best horses I have
ever had. I rode her everywhere.  I also owned an Arab/app that was probably
the smoothest horse I have ridden in my life, strong and surefooted.  She
was just too small for me, so I sold her to a smaller friend, who loves her
to death.  My friend also has an arab/app, that is a blast to ride, loves to
go, and is the most bullheaded horse I have ever met.  I do have to say that
evey darn one I have ever met has somewhat exhibited what people call "appy
attitude!".  But, that is something I LIKE!

Now, here comes my Appy joke, courtesy of my husband.

This last Sept. my daughter and I went to the Ride and Tie Championships in
Truckee. We just did the short course, being new to the sport.  One team had
a very loudly colored appy, owned by one of the members.
My daughter and I were cruising along, about a mile from the start, and
passed the appy, tied in a meadow a ways from the trail, but in full sight.

We trudged along, and about 4 miles later met up with a runner comming back
down the trail. He had run right by the horse and missed it. He asked if we
had seen the appy. "Sure, we said, way back down the hill in the meadow."

Pretty soon, the other member of the team, and owner of the horse, comes
into the aid station where my husband was helping.  The runner is grumbling
becuase he figures his partner ran right by the appy.  As he runs by he
says, "I got an Appy so it would be visible in the sport.  How the heck can
anyone run right by an Appy!"

My husband pipes up with, "On purpose?!"

Let me tell you though-no I should no admit this becuase I am trying to get
rid of horses, not buy them.  BUT, if I ever came across a tall Arab/app
cross, I would be sorely tempted!  BTW, there are foundation Appy web rings
and also Ara-appaloose or Araloosa web rings

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