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Like people, horses can't be naturally good at every discipline.  The proof is in the ride.  Sure my peanut pushing QH and Paint do that arena shuffle really well.  Trainers love them.  But no one honestly wants to leg then up for 25 miles of a LD.  We do, but it it feels like you're dragging an anchor. 
Do you really want to have to guide your horse around every badger hole, sucking mud spot and bad passage on the trail? 
I tried that once, pushing the 4-H kids on a trail ride through a huge cattle pasture riddled with holes on our QH with my toddler on the back.  I tasted the dust of every hole in that pasture.  My Cowboy-Baby jumped ship as soon as his Sis cruised by on her A-rab.   It didn't take more wisdom than a 4 four year to figure out which was the smoother way to go.
Don't give up. 
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Isn't it funny how some horses hate arena work? (Re: the mare who pins her ears when asked to canter...) My new mare was a former show horse (That high-steppin' saddleseat stuff) & all she wants to do during our lesson is go FASTER & FASTER to evade rounding her back & giving at the poll. My instructor told me yesterday that she respected me a lot because most people wouldn't want to deal with a horse like her - almost had me in tears before she explained that was a compliment. I guess that means she thinks Lola is a bit neurotic! But, we did nearly 12 miles this morning on a very windy day with a storm coming in & a not-so-brave horse along & I was quite proud of her... didn't even get overly silly when boats came speeding by in the canal we were riding alongside. I think she has a totally different mind set in the arena &! amp; on the trail... I think she's quite happy with her new life!

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