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Isn't it funny how some horses hate arena work? (Re: the mare who pins her ears when asked to canter...) My new mare was a former show horse (That high-steppin' saddleseat stuff) & all she wants to do during our lesson is go FASTER & FASTER to evade rounding her back & giving at the poll. My instructor told me yesterday that she respected me a lot because most people wouldn't want to deal with a horse like her - almost had me in tears before she explained that was a compliment. I guess that means she thinks Lola is a bit neurotic! But, we did nearly 12 miles this morning on a very windy day with a storm coming in & a not-so-brave horse along & I was quite proud of her... didn't even get overly silly when boats came speeding by in the canal we were riding alongside. I think she has a totally different mind set in the arena & on the trail... I think she's quite happy with her new life!

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