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I'm Buying My First Endurance Horse

HELP!  I'm going to look at my first, bought for the purpose, endurance 
horse.  Now, I don't want a hard time about this, but it's not an Arabian, 
she's a Standardbred, which is my all time favorite breed.  I need to know 
what to look for, other than the obvious (straight legs, good standing heart 
rate, good confirmation, etc.).  Let me learn from everyone elses experience 
in what you learned from your endurance horses.  I'm just starting at the 
25/30 mile distance, I probably won't even do my first 50 until next year, 
and I don't know if I'll ever get to the 100 mile mark, but tell me what to 
look for and the different things to look for in a 50 mile horse and a 100 
mile horse.  I'm going on Saturday morning, so anyone who can response 
tonight, it would be greatly appreciated.

Carolyn Burgess
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