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Re: getting more vets

Hey Susan and all,
  I'm a 4th year vet student that has been involved
with endurance for about 4 years now.  I started out
helping out at rides and getting to know the vets of
the central region.  I have actively tried to
encourage vet students to come out with me to rides
and have not been very successful.  Vet students are
VERY busy and IF they do have a weekend off would
rather not spend it driving to a ride.  Unfortunately,
just b/c a student is interested in horse work does
not mean they have any kind of interest in endurance
  If AERC could develop some kind of incentive program
or even be willing to work with the schools that would
go alot farther than individual students trying to get
their classmates to come to rides.  I know that (at
Texas A&M) the second semester of 3rd year has a
sports medicine class that may be interested and our
entire 4th year consists of 2 week rotations that
maybe could include an 'endurance rotation' of if you
get involved with the lameness rotation or field might be able to get students involved
that way.  I don't believe the students are going to
come unless you offer something to them (a grade or
  Anyway, that has been my personal experience.

Karri Wilson and 
Shahn the wonder pony

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