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RE: Getting vets..

Okay, guys. Here's your chance to help one of our vet students who
volunteers at our endurance rides. Emad is doing research on injuries to
sport horses, specifically endurance horses, since those are the ones that
he sees the most and is interested in. He contacted me for places to look up
some of the following information:

1. Reasons for Metabolic pulls and their treatment
2. Reasons for Lameness pulls and their treatment

Now I'm not sure how much he wants to go into aftercare and so on in his
paper, but I pointed him towards and told him that I would do
one better by posting this to Ridecamp. Any of you vets out there that would
like to help out a student who is coming from a place where training for vet
students is so impoverished as to be criminal can write to Emad at He (and the crew that he hangs out with) will be forever
in your debt.  These are the amazing kids who showed up at 12:30 am the
night after a final exam to sleep in lawn chairs by the club swimming pool
so as to be on hand for the 6 am start of our 100 km chaos with the UAE last
spring. They've stood in the sun at water stops for 6 hours straight to
check horses for hydration, walked miles through the sand to lead horses
home with drips when a truck couldn't get to them and worked through sand
storms and nasty, annoying aggressive riders. They are one of the best
reasons for starting endurance riding in Egypt and I can't say enough that
is good about them.  They are starting below zero by the standards of any US
vet student and giving so much of their care and time that it is amazing. I
hope some of you all will contact him.


Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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