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Re: RC: Getting vets..

In a message dated 02/27/2001 5:44:12 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I disagree with the concept of paying vets more for larger rides, 
 unless you simply can't get enough vets, which I guess is your point.
 Personally, I feel it's my responsibility as a ride manager to have 
 MORE vets if there are more riders.  Reducing their workload can have 
 the effect of encouraging the vets to do the ride in suceeding years.
 My own strategy is over 120 riders, 4 vets.  I want the riders to 
 have short lines, and high quality attention.  I don't think paying 
 the vets more to do more riders is going to encourage the vets to 
 want to come back.
 Having more vets when there are 2 outchecks makes it easier to lift 
 and shift coverage for the 50s.  Rides that have all their checks in 
 camp can decrease the number of vets needed, but there are lots of 
 reasons why I prefer to ride rides that don't loop through camp, 
 especially multiple times. >>

It is very obvious that you have much experience as a ride manager.  You are 
right on the button about all of your points.


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