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Re: RC: Re: Ariat Boots


These boots have more ankle support than the Roper
Kiltie Horshoes.  I've thought about trying them, but
I was afraid they'd be too high to be comfortable when
walking/running on the trail.

Do they bother you in the achilles tendon when walking
in them?  Any rubs in the ankles?

I just saw them on sale for under $80, so it might be
a good time to try them!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV
--- wrote:
> I really love my Roper, Cross Trainers.  Lots of
> support, and insoles you can use or not.  My feet
> are very wide, and they fit great.  I do go through
> about a pair each year, but they are not that
> expensive, and I wear them about every day, go
> through rivers, mud, etc.
> Judy
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