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Re: SCID breeding??

SCID test is now available so that no foal will ever have to die. There are many genetic problems there is no test for, we should be grateful that we now have one for SCID. If the stallion is nice and you think would be a great cross with your mare, have her tested and breed according.
I agree with Maria----a test is available for SCID, to determine carriers--just go to  for further information .    I am definitely NOT of the opinion that all carriers should be immediately shunned from breeding---it would be a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water---we would lose too many good genes from the breeding pool if we did this---and with a test for carriers why should we throw them out?    Now that we can test for it---it is sort of "so what?  I just won't breed a carrier to a carrier."  "Let's just breed wisely."   You wouldn't deliberately breed for conformational faults you can see--so you wouldn't breed deliberately to create an SCID affected foal.    All we have to do is test-----and breed wisely.     If, for some reason a carrier IS bred to a carrier---the test can also tell you whether that foal is clear, a carrier, or is affected and will die (this would be good to know before many $$ were spent on heroic measures doomed for failure).     Inform--educate---test---

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