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Re: RC: SCID breeding??

In a message dated 02/28/2001 9:10:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

He may be a
great looker and put wonderful babies on the ground but WHY whould someone
want to take the chance???

SCID test is now available so that no foal will ever have to die. There are
many genetic problems there is no test for, we should be grateful that we now
have one for SCID. If the stallion is nice and you think would be a great
cross with your mare, have her tested and breed according. I have had my
entire herd tested and now I now exactly how to breed when it comes to SCID.
I, personally, would not hesitate to breed to a SCID carrier as long as the
other horse was clear. SCID carriers are no less quality than any other horse
because of the SCID status. Being a SCID carrier is not a death sentence,
just means you have to breed smart, which people should do anyway. There are
greater faults in the horse world and being a SCID carrier is not one of them.


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