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SCID breeding??

Was speaking to someone about breeding Haley next year and looking for a 
suitable stallion. He suggested a stallion that was tested positive for 
SCID. I haven't checked Haley and Ansata yet but my thoughts are why even 
remotely take the chance????? I will test our mares but if they have +SCID I 
will NOT breed. Am I being to selective here or just smart? He may be a 
great looker and put wonderful babies on the ground but WHY whould someone 
want to take the chance???
Carla (breeding is beginning to look alot like a play girl magazine ..opps 
just told on myself)
Ansata (mmm this one likes carrots, apples and long walks in the pasture)
Haley (ohh look at him..ohhh look at those ears they make me sooo hot!)
Rob (did you give them a copy of "arabian quarterly agian?)
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