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Re: RC: Ariant boot quality


I think you are absolutely correct on this.  I liked the Ariant because
they were comfortable and I had to start riding with ankel support and
these boots did the tirck. Then they started coming apart. I now use my
Wolverines for training rides and hacking around. For rides I use the
pair of Ariant's I brow beat the tack store into replacing for the first
pair. They are a lot more comfortable than the Wolverines. But even only
being used on rides - I did 12 last year - they are starting to come

Looks like Ariant is more interesting in selling boots to the crowd that
puts them on and drives their BMW out to the barn to look at their horse
rather than the crowd that actually thinks riding boots should be used


Carolyn Burgess wrote:

> I think what we are seeing here is that older Ariat boots are fine (my
> 5 year old, totally abused boots are still going strong).  Also, from
> the emails, there is a common thread, Ariat doesn't respond to their
> customers, in person or in emails.  ARIAT, are you listening! There
> are people here willing to spend money on an EXCELLENT product only.

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