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RE: Re:Ariat boots

I've seen the "Made in China" label on Ariats, too.  I've also
had double talk by the rep with regards to leather quality.
They are expensive.  And yes, I talk to the rep every year
about it.

They do not hold up well to San Jose mud,
but Portola Valley mud seems not to trash my Ariats as much.
Just like the Portola Valley dirt doesn't wear out my barefoot
horses hooves as much as the San Jose dirt.  I'm not knocking
San Jose at all, because I like it there, but there is a difference
in the ennvironment.

The tack store in San Carlos, the very city where Ariat is 
headquartered, did not carry Ariats the last time I visited
a couple of years ago because they were having too many returns.
However, Nordstroms at Stanford has a passle of Ariat street shoes
for sale!

I don't know what my point was in saying that because I believe
also that Ariat has certain issues that need improvement.   But I
haven't worn anything else for the past few years.  I have a pair
that I'm wearing in the office, now.  And to tell you the truth
they are probably better street shoes than paddock boots in terms
of durability.  But I  Still
haven't found anything else that fits my feet like they do!  I just
have a pair that I wear to death as a street shoe, then they become
my trashed paddock boots.  I'd say that 1/2 of my Ariats DO have a
quality control problem of some sort, but I still wear them.  I just
REFUSE to pay the full price.


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Doanna Gross wrote:I did.  I called the company and asked the customer

> if Ariat has heard any of these comments.  The rep that I spoke with
made a
> note to have quailty control look into these comments.  The boots are
> made in China! (I asked)

Then how come the label says "Made in China."  A customer service rep
can say
anything they want. The question to ask is "will they put it in
writting." They
are putting boots out there that won't hold up to endurance riding -
pure and
simple. I don't have time to send subqualit boots back to whereever. I
products that work - not products that fall apart.


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