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RE: RE: Re: Respect for Howard? Nah.

You just do not understand the logic, either you nor Truman. "A woman needs
a man like a fish needs a bicycle"

First point of logic, A woman who makes a statement like this obviously does
not have any intelligence so she is using the statement not as a metaphor
but a simile.

Second point of logic, The woman is, I presume knowledgeable enough about
physiology of the human, as well as the bicycle, that men are used as a
physical means of conveyance.

Third point of logic, and one of the most important, The woman is comparing
herself with a fish, and obviously a fish out of water.

Final conclusion, The woman using this statement is seriously doubting
herself and is uttering a call for help. The astute male upon seeing or
hearing such statement will immediately render such assistance as is
definitely needed. Perhaps suggesting near term psychiatric help or at least
a good sized shot of Jack Daniels.


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> you just do not appreciate female logic.

I do believe "female logic" is an oxymoron.  You know, like "jumbo shrimp"
"military intelligence." The term "female emotion" makes much more sense to

As far as the fish and the bicycle go, the nice lady who asked me if I live
in a cave obviously doesn't believe in evolution, cause if she did she would
know that the fish can grow legs and, eventually, ride the bike.  Whether
fish ever needs the bicycle or not will depend on it's emotional well being.
If the fish is female I pity the poor bicycle.

Howard (crawling back into my cave where it's safe)

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