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RE: Re: AERC points

AERC Rule 8.6 states "Members completing one-day 100 or more sanctioned miles receive 1.5 times the number of points....
A two day 100 does not get the bonus points per the current rules.
Bob Morris
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From: Jeanne Slominski []
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2001 9:00 PM
Subject: RC: Re: AERC points

If you sign up to do a 2 day 100, you have to do both days for a completion & the mileage. If you only do one day, you will not get a completion.
Quite often, you can sign up to do 50 on each day; then if you only do one day, you will still have a completion.
If you are going for points/regional/national standings, you should sign up for the 2 day 100, as 100's earn more points than 50s. If you don't care about points/standings, do each day as a 50.
Hope this helps,
>It is my understanding that a 2 day 100 mile race would have the potential to earn the same >number of points as two seperate 50's.  If so, what is the advantage of registering for a 2 day >100 instead of doing the first 50, and then deciding wether to do the 50 on the following day? 

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